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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Economic Club is to encourage discussion and understanding of economic issues which cover the range of local, national and international topics. Our Club not only serves as a forum for current events but as a meeting place for present and future leaders of the community. Members enjoy outstanding speakers at ten monthly luncheons, from January to October, and meet at the Traverse City Golf and Country Club for a great dining experience.


President’s Letter

Dear Members and Guests,

Welcome to one of the best-kept economic secrets in Michigan – The Economic Club of Traverse City.

Our Mission Statement is simple and clear:   “To enlighten our membership on relevant economic issues”.   We have been accomplishing this mission with world-class economic speakers for many years, and I am very optimistic that we will continue our success in the future.  Truly, missing one of our meetings is foregoing the opportunity to directly engage the mind of a local, regional, or global economic expert.  Your  dedicated board of directors is always working behind the scenes to continue this legacy of economic enlightenment, and to enhance your overall member/guest experience.

We enjoy our luncheon meetings at the lovely Traverse City Golf & Country Club, where the cuisine is first-class and the service is efficient and friendly.  Our regular meetings include a delightful buffet-style meal shared with a diverse and interesting group of people from our Grand Traverse community, followed by our speaker du jour.  Once a year in September, we host our ANNUAL DINNER at the Hagerty Center, a wonderful evening of food and wine with a very special keynote speaker.   All of our meetings leave me with a positive attitude and an up-beat mental tempo for the remainder of my day;  I hope you feel the same.

Thank you all for your participation in this vibrant organization.  Your board enjoys working together to make your membership evermore worthwhile, and we welcome your feedback on how we can improve our programs, so feel free to share your comments and advice with us – and if you have specific speaker ideas, please don’t fail to bring them forward.  I am very proud of our Club, and I am honored to serve as your president.


Verne Powell

President, 2017-2018


“To enlighten our membership on relevant economic issues.”


How do I become a member of the Club?

Potential new members must complete an application and be proposed by two existing members prior to being accepted. Once the application is completed, the application along with annual dues must be submitted to our Club secretary for processing. New members are welcomed at our next Club luncheon and a short biography is read so that a proper introduction can be made to the full Club. To become a member please complete an application.

Officers, Directors & Committee Members

2017 Officers

Verne Powell, President

Chris Rogers, Vice-President

Lou Anne Ford, Secretary

William Cron, Treasurer

Gina Thornbury, Event Coordinator

Membership Committee

Mike Mulcahy, Chair

Chris Branson

Mary Tonneberger

John Welch

Finance Committee

Brian Ursu

William Cron

Program Committee

Susan Cogswell

Amy Schindler

Policies and Procedures Committee

Kathleen Guy

Essay/ Scholarship Committee

Teri Hedrich

Kathy Dixon

Gina Thornbury

Past Presidents

2015-2016 Verne Powell

2013-2014 Kathy Dixon

2011-2012 Bryan Poirier

2009-2010 Bob Brick

2007-2008 Carol Baldwin

2005-2006 Joel Myler

2001-2004 Susan Cogswell

1999-2000 William A. Corbett

1997-1998 Joell M. Lovelace

1995-1996 Bruce C. Willett

1993-1994 C. Eugene Chang

1991-1992 Christopher Wright

1989-1990 Randall J. Kiessel

1987-1988 Philip L. Cochran, Sr.

1985-1986 Marc Oberschulte

1983-1984 Forrest Lewis

1981-1982 Robert M. Seward II

1979-1980 James Dutmers, Sr.