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February 24, 2017- Michael DeBruyn

Michael DeBruyn is President of Great Lakes Stainless, Inc. and Interline Casework, a family of companies founded on a principal of honesty and hard work, and growing through the combination of these principals and a genuine commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. With a guiding mission of “Growth for Good,” Great Lakes Stainless is committed to long-term, sustainable growth for the good of the company, the customer, and the community. Michael grew up in Traverse City, moved to Grand Rapids to get his degree in elementary education from Calvin College, spent nearly 10 years in the real estate and banking industry. In 2006, Michael, his wife, and his son moved to Traverse City to join Great Lakes Stainless in a business development capacity, and were subsequently joined by 3 more children and a golden retriever. In 2012, Michael moved into the president’s role, and has been leading the company since. Founded in 1995 by the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce distinguished service award winner Terry Berden, Great Lakes Stainless has achieved growth through day-to-day operational innovation that EVERY company should be focused on, through the unique opportunity a diverse manufacturing company has to help bring new and unique products to market. Named the Business of the year by the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce in 2010, and named to the 2011 class of Top 50 Companies to Watch by the Edward Lowe Foundation, Great Lakes Stainless has worked to bring not only process innovations to bear on their growth goals by vastly expanding product lines from existing Fortune 500 customers , but put a deliberate structure in place to focus on helping those with “new knowledge” and “bright idea” innovations in order to bring those concepts to market. This structure has led Great Lakes Stainless to join as patent partners with Jerry Sheren to bring an innovative and truly energy saving HVAC product to market to save 40% + in energy savings in the K-12 education market with over 135 units installed; were instrumental in working with Chateau Grand Traverse founder Ed O’Keefe Jr. in the development of a unique and proprietary bulk wine dispensing unit; partnered with Springfield roofing as co-patent holders in innovative fall protection equipment; and are about to enter into production arrangements with a fourth company on a separate innovative “new-to-the-market” product. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work are bedrock principles of the Great Lakes Stainless family of companies and are integral to past and future growth goals.